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Wallcrete is a very advanced lightweight render, specifically designed and manufactured by PICS to recreate the natural products used in walling and construction. Cost-effective, long-lasting and versatile, the installation techniques are similar to imprinted concrete and the results equally as stunning.

In the construction industry it is rare for a new product / system to come onto the market so when one does you can expect a stampede to get involved.

Wallcrete is just such a system. 4 years in development and testing.

Wallcrete was quietly launched in 2010 with a view to gauging its impact with homeowners and to complete market testing surveys. The survey results proved positive.

Typical applications for wallcrete are:

  • Internal and external walls
  • External cladding for houses
  • Boundary walls
  • Garden sheds and outbuildings
  • Garden walls
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Coping stones, lintels, cornerstones and archways

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Examples of Wallcrete